A 21-year-old student has to answer in Sweden for their spectacular protest action against the deportation of an Afghan court. A fine and up to six months in prison. Elin Ersson transferred its action in July of this year via Facebook and was known as an audience of millions.

The woman had refused in a machine of the Turkish Airlines at the airport in Gothenburg, the seat you take. The machine could not take off. Several passengers, including a football club, joined the Protest. Under the applause of the airplane occupants of the Afghan managed to get out.

The public Prosecutor in Gothenburg said on Friday, Ersson’m going to accused of “violations of the air law”, reported the Guardian. They had failed to comply with the request of the captain, and I have continued to add to this, in spite of repeated request of the Crew, refused to take a seat. A date for the hearing yet.

Ersson pleads innocence

“I’ve done it as an individual, as an activist, as a human being,” she said at the time, Swedish media. “He is a human being and has a right to live. In Sweden there is no death penalty. A deportation to a country with war, but it can mean death,” she said. If someone was a criminal, he should be in Sweden punished. The Afghan was the police known. Meanwhile, Sweden has deported him.

Ersson had originally suspected two men in the machine, the should be deported. Except for the then 50-Year-old, a 26-Year-old, whose family had contacted the 21-Year-old and her network of activists. A day after the spectacular action on the airport in Gothenburg, he was deported to Kabul.

Ersson had always maintained that she was innocent. The Guardian could not be reached for comment. “Elin’s courage has inspired many people,” said Gudrun Romeborn, a member of the group Sittstrejken (sit-in) in the Ersson is active. Sittstrejken attempts to prevent deportations in order to “save human lives”.