Eli Iserbyt has, in the Koppenbergcross in Melden won the game. In the first stage, Pauwels Sauces-Bingoal, the fifth of the seven rounds come to terms with materiaalpech, but was still an epic duel with Tom Pidcock. The young Englishman was very handsome, the second, and the third place went to Michael Vanthourenhout. Iserbyt was also the leader of the DVV Insurance Event.

only one logical favourite for the start of the Koppenbergcross: Eli Iserbyt. The two beloftenwereldkampioen the winner of this season and all six crosses and it was on a Sunday that was still the best in Gavere-Asper. In the heavy Rain, he went out in the rain and the wind, in search of his second consecutive victory in a veldritklassieker. And the start was good, and well, He for one more Year, tried him for a moment, but Iserbyt was going to go flying. The opposition came from a corner that Iserbyt in the meantime, well do you know: Tom Pidcock.

Photos: BELGA < / p> Pidcock, the reigning world champion in the future, it could connect with his contemporary. As Iserbyt, there is a new and snok to the will of god, was the British champion will be back again. But Pidcock gave is not going to be won, and went back, as the Belgian champion’s Show for one more Year. Iserbyt was found, however, that this moment is the strongest, and went out again solo, especially up hill, our fellow countryman, seconds, Pidcock and co. The British were not helped by a crash. In the meantime, disappeared, Laurens Sweeck out of the race.

the Chain from:

Iserbyt seemed to be on the road to a new solozege, but at the end of round five, the tide turned dramatically. With the wind and the Rain was Iserbyt kettingproblemen. The young West-Flanders could not immediately be resumed. And so it came to Pidcock, re-connect it. In the next round, in the second-to-last, and went Pidcock to go with a high-speed descent. But, Iserbyt he closed the gap in the Rain, and then the two together for the final lap went.

In the last round proved to be Iserbyt, the better. Pidcock pulled out all the stops, but the pace of his rival was just too high. Iserbyt took as his seventh victory this year is a strong performance. The winner was totally exhausted, across the finish line. Like Pidcock, who is 31 and a few seconds later, as the second one is the measure of bolde. Michael Vanthourenhout was third, but started to have more than one and a half minutes of the game. Show on for one more Year, and Lars van der haar, the end of the next to take the stage.

Results Koppenbergcross:

1), Eli Iserbyt.

2) Tom Pidcock.

3), with Michael Vanthourenhout.

4) will Show for one more Year.

5) Lars van der haar.

6) and Tom Meeusen.

7) Corné van Kessel.

8) and Tim Merlier.

9), Jens Adams.

10) and Jim Aernouts.

More about Cross-country Nuyens demand of 1.1 million by Wout van Aert, Eli Iserbyt continues to win, and the triumphs now to be also in a tough opener for the world cup in Pouring the Soudal Classics, and has a successor: five topcrossen are the Rectavit Series of Mathieu van der Poel makes history by winning It for the fourth time in five years, the winner world cup