Electricity prices: how much does a typical day cost you?


Lighting, heating, internet, household appliances… Electricity is now at the heart of our lifestyles and our way of consuming. In 2019, the country’s electricity consumption in corrected mode (for climatic hazards and calendar effects) was 473 TWh, according to EDF. The figure tripled from 1973 to 2010.

But this resource has a price, moreover threatened to reach new heights.

With the war in Ukraine, the price of raw materials soared. And the impact on French energy bills is considerable.

Energy check, tariff shield… The government has tried to reduce household bills with the implementation of several measures, these will not be enough to stem the general rise in prices, which is undermining everyone’s purchasing power. the French, or almost.

A further increase in the electricity bill for individuals would also be expected in a few months. Indeed, to balance their accounts, undermined by the government tariff shield, which capped the increase in the price of electricity at 4% (against 44%), suppliers will be entitled to a catch-up in the fall of 2023, indicates Free lunch.

According to the Energy Regulation Commission, in charge of the file, it will amount to around 8% and will be effective next February.

Thus, a family heating with electricity for 1700 euros per year will then be forced to pay 150 euros more per year, i.e. 1850 euros.

According to Le Parisien, however, the government would consider smoothing the increase over several years, to compensate for this painful gap for household purchasing power.

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