A race against time. As we know, an electricity deficit is possible this winter and the situation is far from optimal as the coldest months have not yet started. Since the end of the summer, the government has been calling on the French people to take responsibility, asking them to reduce their electricity consumption with simple gestures: turn off the lights when leaving the room, do not heat their homes to more than 19°C, shift the use of its household appliances… The list is long. Are we good students?

As RTE explained to Planet, a drop in consumption of 3% to 4% was observed in September, which is a good start but will not be enough in the event of high tensions on the electricity network. If demand is too high this winter, the government is considering resorting to “rotating load shedding”, that is to say temporary cuts in the electricity network, for a maximum of two hours and at well-defined times. Quoted by franceinfo, the Ministry of Energy Transition then specified that they would take place “where it is most effective for the network and the maintenance of supply to the system and in such a way as to reach the users with the lowest priority”.

This is the worst case scenario, as other levers may be pulled first. This is particularly the case for temporary and targeted deactivations, according to a decree published at the end of September. According to this text, Enedis is authorized to temporarily deactivate the switch-on signal for the controlled electrical uses of some of its customers. As Planet explained to you, these are users with a Linky meter with an off-peak contract, part of which is at midday, i.e. between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. In the latter, if necessary, Enedis could therefore suspend the electricity supply to the cumulus for two hours. A stop without consequences for individuals.

Should we expect such cuts in the coming weeks? Winter has not yet started, but RTE recently revised its forecasts for the month of November, citing “serious consequences” in the event of an extension of the nuclear strike. Check out the latest announcements.