Electricity bill: the most economical trick in every room of the house


Cuts may be to be expected this winter… If it is mild, moderate or particularly cold… Then perhaps we will have to resolve to see targeted interruptions. In this case, however, Emmanuelle Wargon, the president of the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE), reassures: “[The cuts will take place] for a few hours, localized on a relatively small scale, a municipality or a district, and having warned before”, on Franceinfo.

According to her, “this is normally a case that should not happen”. If this were to happen anyway, then “we will go into exceptional measures” she explained.

Sobriety will then be a decisive factor for the sustainability of the French electricity network. Especially since, considerably reducing its consumption will help reduce the electricity bill, which is likely to be very high in a few months.

So to save money, ADEME, the ecological transition agency, recommends hunting down hidden waste, with a few simple actions:

In addition, Planet has made the slideshow below based on an infographic from ADEME to help you reduce the electricity bill in every room of the house. The latter established that heating and hot water constitute 77% of a household’s consumption.

This is why lowering the temperature of the radiators by one degree saves 7% of energy…