Doing the dishes, cooking, washing clothes… Taking care of your home takes time and costs money. We don’t think about it by cleaning dirty dinner plates or putting linens in the washing machine, but appliances are energy-hungry and each use adds a few extra pennies to your bill. Of course, there are many tricks to save a few euros with your devices, but when they are too old, this is not enough.

The older generations of household appliances are much more greedy than the ranges currently on sale. Sometimes, it is therefore wiser to completely change your old machines to save money, even if this can be a double-edged sword, as Ademe explains: “Electrical appliances have evolved a lot and are more and more economical. However, homes are also increasingly equipped with electrical and electronic appliances, which is why the electricity bill is not really going down.” As a reminder, here are the most energy-consuming devices in your home:

To save money, it is therefore necessary to combine reasoned use of its devices and replacement of the oldest ones… This approach requires spending several hundred euros upstream. Be careful, it is not necessary to change all of your household appliances at once, but rather to target your oldest and most energy-consuming equipment. It can be, for example, an old electric oven, a washing machine that is beginning to tire despite its good and loyal service or even a freezer at the end of its life.

On its site, Ademe has calculated the annual gain of a household with a new device. Kitchen, living room, laundry room… All rooms in the house are affected. In total, you can save up to 550 euros per year on your electricity bill! Discover, in the slideshow below, the electrical and electronic devices to be changed quickly.