The equipment in our home consumes a lot of electricity. But which are the most energy-intensive? According to information gathered by Le Monde on the ElecDom study, carried out by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) and the electricity transmission network manager RTE, 30.9% of the household electricity consumption is for heating. Find out in our slideshow below how to replace it.

In the Ademe study, the electric water heater alone accounts for 19.7% of household electricity consumption. In addition, 49% of French households opt for this type of model for hot water. However, the average annual expenditure for a 200-litre balloon is estimated at 285 euros according to Ademe. Combined heating and hot water therefore represent large expenses in terms of energy and electricity bills. What are the other electricity expense items? How to reduce their consumption?

Other sources of energy consumption in a home include refrigeration appliances. Indeed, 11.2% of the electricity consumption of the 101 dwellings questioned for the study is devoted to refrigerators and other appliances of this type. In addition, some machines may consume more energy than others according to their energy label.

Finally, the audiovisual sector, including the television, the game console or the DVD player, represents 7% of a household’s electricity consumption. At the top, we find the television which absorbs 162 kilowatt-hours. Behind these devices, we find those for washing and drying. 6.4% of the electricity consumption of a household is intended for them. The dryer is the most energy-intensive with 301 kilowatt-hours consumed per year.

Nevertheless, there are tricks to reduce these numbers. Discover in our slideshow below the alternatives to replace these devices, some of which are offered by Fioulreduc.