Electric mobility is on the rise – Musks model for the mass, Tesla will make the Model Y from 2021 to the Gulf, the Generation of E. Chances are, as an exclusive test ride in the first vehicle proves on European soil.Thomas Geiger0 comment, Tesla will make the Model Y from 2021 to the Gulf, the Generation of E. The electric SUV is based on the best-selling Model 3. Photo: Nextmove1900 litres of Luggage found in the rear of the Model the Y space. Or on request a third row of seats.NextmoveDas later base model is expected to create 400 kilometres in purely electric mode and around 52 000 Swiss francs for costs.Nextmove1 / 3

Porsche Taycan, VW ID.3 or BMW iX4? If you ask Stefan Moeller after the most exciting Stromer of the season, then a completely different car, the next move the boss in the sense. As for the German lobbyists, and car rental providers in Leipzig, there are currently no more important car than the Tesla Model Y. Finally wants to make Elon Musk his company in order to fight prices in the medium term, the 52’000 Swiss francs, such as VW, to the volume manufacturer, and the Gulf of the Generation E building. And Moeller should know. After all, he has his Youtube channel in the first copy of the sat, has made it to Europe. And because it is likely to take until the official start of sales and the classical test this rides side of the Atlantic, still a good year, has been cleared of an Insider temporarily the driver’s seat and the editors an exclusive first impression possible.

At first glance, the Model Y is relatively familiar – after all, it is based on the successful Model 3 and shares with the hatchback sedan, two-thirds of the components. This is true for the powertrain and batteries as well as for the environment. The Model is Y it is, therefore, exactly like the Model 3 as Performance, Long-Range and Standard – and here, as there, the driver looks in a Cockpit, this could be cleaner hardly.

18 cm

But appears so familiar a shape, the Format is completely new: about 4.75 meters, the Model Y is six inches longer than the Model 3, it is seven inches wider, and especially 18 inches higher. Even if it’s not so brawny and rustic appearance, like most of the other SUV, and the small carbon spoiler at the rear of Moeller’s Performance Model, the only ornaments, the Model is Y noticeably more space for the kids and more convenient to get in and out you can, thanks to the couple of centimetres more ground clearance and the higher Seating position of course.

The difference is noticeable, especially in the back: In the second row, because there is now sufficient headroom and you can adjust the three split Backrest inclination. And in the trunk, because the door is now large and up to the roof is sufficient, and because including up to 1900 litres of Luggage fit, when you put the seats flat. But so spacious, the baggage compartment may be, don’t like to think of the promised third-row seat there with the best of intentions.

While the kids learn the Tesla from a new side, the driver feels almost as in the Model 3. Yes, even the Performance Version of the SUV, which is currently run with a price of 71’000 Swiss francs, together with its two engines not quite as fast as the sedan. However, with a Sprint of 3.7 seconds to 100 kph and a Top speed of 241 km/h, the E-SUV, all of the electricity in this Segment, and even the most gas permeable behind.

The Tesla is nothing New: the Cockpit of The Model Y corresponds to the Cockpit of the Model 3.Photo: Nextmove

And if you pre-order instead, for 9000 francs, less the Long Range, must live with 1.4 seconds more for the Standard sprint and 24 km/h less top speed, comes in the WLTP cycle but 505 instead of 480 miles. As with Model 3, it is expected a year later is also a Standard Version with only one Motor on the rear axle, a Top speed of 200 km/h and limited to 400 km range, with the price on the 52’000 Swiss francs, in the vicinity of the VW competitors, ID.4 decline is likely.

The touch screen as a Central

the Model is Y not only has more Elan than the competition, but also the more driver-friendly Set-up. He may have less glide, dignified and sovereign, then, than, for example, a Audi E-Tron or the Mercedes-Benz EQC. However, where the majority of European electricians are comparatively matched to lower blood pressure, will be driven the Tesla is rather involved and is grateful to it, with a street location, not the device, despite the high center of gravity even in tight curves from the rest. Since he is the Model 3 is significantly closer than the Model X.

But the driver has all the time to concentrate on the road. Because up to the Windows in the doors, the two control lever behind, and the two rotary rollers in the steering Wheel in the Tesla, nothing would distract him from the road. Everything there is to use it in this car, it makes using the touch screen, which is bigger than most Tablet computers and at the same time, as a window into a comprehensive Infotainment world acts. The looks for my taste, class, and works easily, but sometimes a little over the top. Because there are good reasons why to open the glove compartment for over 100 years, with a handle, the fan by Hand and the exterior mirror you can adjust with a switch or a lever in the door.

Model Y “Made in Germany”

Just because Tesla rationalized the controls, not to save the Americans but to the content. On the contrary, On the screen, more Software running than any other manufacturer – even if it has nothing to do with Drive and also may not make sense. But why not a digital fireplace fire, or any Gag program? Especially if the Driving is done with an Autopilot, the course allows the people in the car is more Idle than the competition.

Although Tesla comes with the Model Y, at least in Europe for the first Time, according to the established competitors on the market and have the success against models like the ID.4 of VW, the Q4 of Audi, the iX3 BMW and the Enyaq of Skoda start as a tail light. But when you look at the big picture and the view, therefore, the globe is, could the Model Y as the equally elegant and inviting SUV with clean drive and more as everyday driving performance in the Era of battery cars are actually playing the same role today, the Gulf holds in the old world. In the process, the unequal opponents are even geographically closer than you think: Because, in the Model Y is built not only in California and in China, but soon also in the new Gigafactory in front of the gates of Berlin – 150 km from Wolfsburg centre.

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