How can the diesel bus to replace? This question of the traffic operations of the local authorities is becoming stronger. Because in the crisis and driving bans in many cities it is becoming clear that the Era of the diesel engines comes to an end. The future will belong to the electric bus. It’s a question of: which one? The Battery bus, the trolleybus, or the hydrogen bus that draws its electricity from a fuel cell?

Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, and other Hessian cities plan to replace its diesel buses with electric vehicles. However, it is still not clear where exactly the journey will end. Because there can be large obstacles pile up, as you can see on the example of Wiesbaden. The city announced a cocky a quick replacement of the diesel buses electric buses, but had to realize soon that electric buses are hard to get and if, then to a totally overpriced price.

Busproduzenten not have overslept the Trend

Unfortunately, only the German car manufacturers, but also the Busproduzenten overslept the Trend to electric drive, to a large extent. Anyone who buys today, E-buses, must often rely on the supply of Chinese manufacturers. The Federal government and the countries to be afraid, but to right to have high subsidies for the purchase of electric buses in China. After all, Mercedes has presented now, finally, an E-Bus, its everyday capabilities need to be tested.

Its ability to function as a reliable vehicle of transport, as well as its economic viability must also make the hydrogen bus. Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz, and now want to test fuel cell buses. But even here, the industry can deliver not production vehicles. Undoubtedly, the hydrogen bus has a large Potential. Its advantages are a greater range than the Battery bus, and a simple refueling. Whether the production of hydrogen will be profitable, is the big question. Scientists working on the Problem, but no solution is in view.