The desire to reduce your carbon footprint, to move more on a daily basis, or to save fuel: these are the reasons that are pushing more and more French people to buy an electric bike. A decree published on Saturday August 13, 2022 in the Official Journal endorsed an increase in state aid for future buyers.

Since Monday August 15, 2022, the maximum bonus has thus increased from 200 to 300 euros for the purchase of an electric bicycle. In addition, it is no longer necessary to combine this aid with that granted by a local authority. “The more aid there is and the more generous it is, the more it actually encourages and encourages”, confirms the founder of the bicycle sales company Alltricks at the microphone of Europe 1. He predicts: “With the fuel problems that the we know and from the cost of energy in general, there should be a fairly strong leverage effect in the coming weeks.”

In practice, people with disabilities and those with a reference tax income less than or equal to 6,300 euros can request up to 400 euros in aid for the acquisition of an electric bicycle. This amount increases to 300 euros for those with a reference tax income less than or equal to 13,489 euros. For the purchase of an electric cargo, recumbent, folding, or handicap-adapted bicycle, aid can reach 2,000 and 1,000 euros respectively depending on the situations mentioned above.

New: the government also grants a bonus to individuals who get rid of an old or polluting vehicle, with the aim of helping the transition to cleaner means of transport. Thus, depending on your tax income, you can receive between 1,500 and 3,000 euros if you buy an electric bike to replace your car or thermal scooter. Note that this conversion bonus may be granted to several people within the same household as of January 1, 2023.

And for a normal bike? Count an aid equivalent to 40% of the purchase price, within the limit of 150 euros, if you are disabled or if you have a reference tax income per unit less than or equal to 6,300 euros.