The average Flemish family pays for a year up to 300 euros to cover tax via their electricity bill. Additional costs, which, according to the different political parties for the elections), the best different would be utilized, so that the bill drops. Only this, nothing more, in the Flemish coalition agreement, notes, VRT is the OFFICIAL press.

The energy bill of the average Flemish citizen has an indirect investments on tax, say experts, and politicians for many years. Thanks to the extra expenses that are actually nothing to do with our electricity usage, such as charges for street lighting, renovation subsidies, budgetmeters, charging stations, preferential rates, and in particular to a support for solar panels and other green energy technologies. According to the Flemish energieregulator (Vreg) for each of the years, more than half a billion euros in fees charged for, or converted to a 300-euro-per family member (vat is included).

In the run-up to the elections, there will be various political parties, including the majority parties N-VA and Open VLD, that is, which costs are good for the electricity bill could be lifted. However, in the Flemish coalition agreement, is that the government will “ensure the affordability of energy for households”, and it is only a question of one specific practice: the maintenance of the street lighting will no longer be charged through the electricity bill. That cost is good for less than € 10 million per year, or less than half a percent of the total.

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you can be More steps could be taken by the government to be paid, and, therefore, the Flemish government budget environment. However, since the budget has been a source of anxiety, it has to be there, I decided to not take action.

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