It was at “Max Mustermann”, Volker Bouffier (CDU) needed five years ago, in the Parliament, a second ballot, to become the Prime Minister of Hesse, elected. Because in the ballot box, an incorrectly labeled ballot papers had landed, had to be matched. How it runs, if the members proceed on the next Friday in the first session of the new legislature to the fact, is uncertain.

Ewald Hetrodt

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Wiesbaden.

F. A. Z.

Black-and-Green has only a wafer-thin lead. If only one of the 69 members of the Union and the Green Bouffier denied its solidarity, is missing its bearings, the absolute majority of the 137 elected officials. The rules are in Wiesbaden, Germany, more strict than elsewhere. While the Chancellor or the heads of government in North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia can get into the further rounds of voting with relative majority of the present members in office, the Prime Minister of Hesse, not necessarily more than half of the votes of all the elected officials.

new elections as an Option

in Order to reach you, he can compete, however, on several occasions. So it made the former schleswig-Holstein Minister-President Heide Simonis (SPD), as she believed 2015, to have together with the Greens and the South Schleswig’s voters Association, a majority of one voice. Four secret sample ballots in the groups were positive. But in the subsequent elections in the plenary of the unfortunate candidate failed each and every Time a member from your warehouse with the necessary support. The “Heath murderer” has since been the terror of all potential heads of government.

The most are the ones that have the shortest majority in fear of him, of course. If Bouffier should fail in the first ballot, he would venture, probably a second attempt. Because he is likely to hope that the missing vote was intended only as a one-time lesson. The Union politicians should fail, but two Times in a row, he would go probably to the SPD. Together, the CDU has a majority of one voice. In the subsequent coalition negotiations, the social Democrats could demand, under certain circumstances, instead of Bouffier other Union politicians as head of government. Things would be complicated. Also, new elections would then be a real Option.

In the black-and-green camp will be dismissed such Considerations in these days of horror scenarios. In the history of the country, it was more often ruled with a wafer-thin majority to succeed. “Disciplined.” But the historical constellations that are mentioned differ from the current one.

Walter wallmann was based, although, for example, only a majority of one voice. But he had, in 1987, a Chance, to be the members of his party and of the FDP for the first Minister-President of the CDU in the history of Hesse-elected. That the parliamentarians of the conservative camp gave him, without exception, your voice, to end the decades-long dominance of the SPD, was not a Surprise.

a career leap as an incentive

as Roland Koch, reiterated in 2003, with the CDU’s absolute majority, he was in on every vote of his party dependent. He could be his thing but safe, because in the Union given the best result in its history and high spirits prevailed. In addition, the alone, the government gave, without the obsolete liberal coalition partner of the CDU, a number of additional government offices. Cooking was, for example, in the comfortable position of being able to allow some of his comrades-in-arms an unexpected career leap.