the Frankfurt police detectives have arrested a fraudster, who posed as a police officer, and thus a damage of more than 200,000 Euro prevents. The police announced on Friday, was called an Elderly woman from Niederursel several times by fraudsters. An alleged police officer had warned the 91-year-old woman for the first time last Tuesday on the phone in front of it, that their money is in the Bank in danger, and you must bring all of your assets as quickly as possible in safety. The Display shows the telephone number 110 appeared, as often in such cases of fraud.

The frightened Elderly woman followed accordingly to the instructions of the daily caller is a fraud and had your assets in Gold to convert. This you have saved, as requested, on Thursday afternoon, in front of their apartment door, where an alleged police officer picked her up to it, to bring it in safety. Real police detectives, the determined already in the case, arrested the 16-year-old collector. You were able to avert a financial damage in the amount of more than € 200,000.