Warm it was afterwards. Because shoulders have been tapped, jerseys exchanged and words are exchanged among the former companions, such as Frankfurt’s Marco Russ and the Brazilian Diego, who used to play together at VfL Wolfsburg. Previously, both sides were gone, but with a hardness to the thing exceeded sometimes limits.

Marc Heinrich

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

So had to give in to the harmony in their second game of the Florida Cup Flamengo Rio de Janeiro 0:1 beaten, because she had, among other things, early in a player less. There were some rough scenes, in which a referee with a better Overview would have been able to draw a square reference in recital. That it is only David Abraham got for a clumsy, but relatively harmless nudges against Piris da Motta (25. Minute) to finish thwarted the Plan of the Concord, and the tournament with a second victory and as the winner of the Florida Cup is another of the self-confidence to acquire.

“We are prepared,”

Adi Hütter took the defeat, thanks to a goal by Jean Lucas (40.) and a lack of chances came about, for no apparent resentment to the knowledge. The coach called the outcome “a shame”, but at the same time, he noted, with appreciation, how his Team “have a number of tried everything”. Hütter said, the uneven gait characteristic games”, international test, there were a couple of punches on the legs”, but no one had been hurt, and all of them could make keep well in the Monday night on the trip home. “We are prepared”, said he, the ten-day visit in the United States. The foundations were laid to the rear round of the Bundesliga to have an optimistic view to extend: “Our Constitution is good.”

Sebastian Rode sounded in his interim conclusion similar to hopeful. The returnees since his loan from Borussia Dortmund for one and a half weeks of the game, and according to his assessment, the harmony of the next competition with a broad chest and head held high. “The quality is extremely high,” said the 28-Year-old, who wore from 2010 to 2014, the Frankfurt Jersey, before he first moved to Bayern and then at Borussia Dortmund, where he played only minor roles. Now, the native of bergsträßer, the already many injuries to put out of action hopes to find at the second attempt his luck in Frankfurt. He wanted to help, “to raise that level,” said the blond boy, who was against Flamengo, the first 45 minutes, before Hütter, like against são Paulo after the break consistently fresh people.

In the “Security service” of the team

Rode was one of the players in the Orlando City Stadium, which had the two fight fiercely plugging, but also with a helper. After a Kick to Thiago Santos, he saw a Yellow card (40.). Rode spent in Dortmund due to a muscle fiber tear, a stress reaction to the bone and a groin operation in the past one and a half years, a lot more time than he would have liked, in the case of Doctors. Also, that’s why he made just two appearances in the regional Reserve of Westphalia. In the meantime, all complaints were healed, said the professional, whose Strengths come in winning the Ball, especially when the physique is true. Already early in his career, he had to cope with a cruciate ligament tear. In the case of the Concord, he said, all the units can easily participate, “of course practice game is missing,” said Rode, but he was motivated by “top”.

to make the Transfer possible, he made financial compromises: “there comes a time in the career, because you want to just play football,” said Rode, and in addition to this, he added, with a wink, “it is not so, that I at the hunger cloth nage”. Should fulfill the expectations for him and the club, he could imagine”, about the 30. To stay in June,“. For Fredi Bobic, the sport Board of management, is part of Rode as the “Sheriff” now to the “Security service” of the team, to keep the comrades in Front, back and filling the gaps, if it is to defend the penalty area: “Sebastian is still looking for the feel of the game. He will need time, but that makes it really neat,“ said the sports management Board, his impressions.