Bayern President Uli Hoeness has made the Basketball in Munich financially and athletically strong. You have as Concord President’s ambitions to make a different sports under the umbrella of Concord just as strong? The women’s football Bundesliga club FFC Frankfurt, would merge with the harmony.

Marc Heinrich

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

The question is not so simple and clear answer. I’m trying it with a fictitious look into the future and take on the role of Captain Future. We live in a globalized world and know what that means. In sports be bundles in the future, more and more the name of a club, whether Basketball, Volleyball or ice hockey. The clubs are close to a brand and the power of this brand, the large number of members volume of up to 100000 people, the strength of the organization, the people, the power of digitization and the Modern. Therefore I can’t as Peter Fischer, but as Captain Future, the looks of a sports landscape in a competition outside of football, to me on developments in this regard, a lot of imagine. And do you even know how Basketball in Munich…?

…you tell us.

It is the special case of Bayern Munich. There, member contributions of significantly more than 250000 members, it is the largest sports club in the world. Perhaps that income in the amount of 20 million euros in the e. V., which do not allow the Transfer to the Corporation and must be in the e. V. is investing. Top basketball is originated in Munich, Germany. Therefore, I believe, as Captain Future is that you will meet in our city one day, under one brand. Because at some point the structure and size of competition are relevant.

What do you think?

This is a question of whether I would find that personally, as Peter Fischer and harmony-well, I can’t judge yet, let alone answer. But in the contemplation of top of the market, the competition and the competition I see that it will be in the coming years, mergers and acquisitions. It is a process that I can very well imagine to combine the Benefits of strength on several levels. I mean the Top sports in the professional top of the range, which will collect under one brand.