you are 15 years of professional. What a successful winter training camp?

Marc Heinrich

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

If it runs without injury. It is most important that all come back healthy and on Board, when the point games start again. I hope that we can do this here. We train very hard and intense, as it must be. In the next week, after the return, we can have a rest in Frankfurt, and then we want to give the back round start against SC Freiburg on the Gas.

What is different than in the summer in preparation?

You have less time. This limits the possibilities, and the coaches tend to concentrate on individual priorities. Our last Bundesliga match took place shortly before Christmas, it’s not so long. Now you must see that the processes work fast again. In the summer the sizes are higher, and the special constellation came in as last, that we had to get a new coach and we had to get to know us. The way is now. We know what we have together. Therefore, it is here in America, the Details and the fine-tuning.

How satisfied are you with the standings after almost a week in Florida?

We have first analysed what we have done in the first round is good and what is not so good . . .

. . . what was the outcome?

We had a couple of really outstanding games, what concerns intensity and Tempo. But you could also see that we get problems when we are less than fresh. What are the tactical conclusions we draw from it, I will not reveal, because then the opponent would know, you know (laughs). But of course, we practice that we will continue to create Pressure situations in order to put the opponent under pressure. And at the same time, we see that we have the right solutions ready to come into the counter-pressing. We have so far worked very well. The weather is fine, the conditions are excellent, it can build up.