luck of the draw looks different. For the harmony it goes on its journey through Europe the hard way and in the Ukraine. On Monday, the Frankfurter caught for their upcoming appearance in the sixteenth finals of the Europa League with Shakhtar Donetsk, the most unpleasant opponent. The Hessen occur in the knock-out round on 14. February first, away, seven days later, it comes to the return game in the domestic Arena.

Marc Heinrich

sports editor.

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is still Open where the game can go in the Ukraine on the stage. Because of the martial law in Parts of the country, the European football Union (Uefa) had moved the last two encounters at other places. Shakhtar Donetsk was late in the summer, first of all, participants in the Champions League, could be F in the group but nothing for the more to come to qualify; third – behind Manchester City and Olympique Lyon – the search Team is now a level deeper on his luck.

the law of war to 26. December

Hoffenheim had to on 19. September, riding in the Premier class will be the away game against Shakhtar (2:2) in Kharkiv, in the city, some 400 kilometres to the East of Kiwg located, could also have the German Cup winners ‘ Cup to compete. To the fact Comments by Uefa officials suggest that, compared with the Eintracht management on Monday. The 30-day imposed martial law on the 26. December expiry, and thereafter, the Uefa wants to obtain an official position, where and how the Match is considered to be. The Eintracht Board member Axel Hellmann described the “logistical” preparation as a “big challenge”. This also applies to the Fans, from their point of view would make it quite more attractive destinations.

In the comments of the Eintracht camp with brandished a lot of respect for a constellation that could be sporty is hardly more difficult: “Shakhtar is one of the most difficult Loose, we would have had. You have a really good team, which is peppered with a lot of Brazilians,“ said Kevin Trapp, the can imagine what is in store for him and the colleagues, because he met with PSG already on Shakhtar. The goalkeeper spoke of a game, “in which we can prove”. Stars at Schachtjar defender Ismaily, whose market value is at 18 million euros, as well as left winger Taison (13 million). Defender Danny da Costa is not sound, also based on my own experience, is not very excited: “to play In February in the Ukraine is so great. We have played with Leverkusen and Kharkiv at the time was minus 17 degrees.“

In the domestic League is superior to

Adi Hütter evaluated the competitors “actually, as a Champions League team,” and estimated the chances of a “50:50”. For the coach, the situation is “not simple”, but he added that “we don’t have to hide and sporty in the next round.” This assessment also midfielder Mijat Gacinovic said: “We have shown that as a super team, and in Europe, everyone can hit.”

the Donetsk region, which is managed by the Portuguese coach Paulo Fonseca, leads the domestic League is superior to currently; in the past two years, they brought the Double. Hellmann is, therefore, aware of the fact that the harmony is a high hurdle, but stressed at the same time: “Who has impressed with six Wins in the group stage, have no fear.”