the group winners they are. But why are the football players of Eintracht Frankfurt should not do everything possible to win the sixth game in the Europa League? Finally, there is a win bonus of € 570,000. Recorded this amount can be on Thursday. Provided that the team of coach Adi Hütter in Lazio. Six victories – only the wildest optimists had held prior to the Start of the European Cup.

Ralf Weitbrecht

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

Where: Eintracht sporting Director Fredi Bobic had already beat brash tones, as if he had directly spoken to the draw, as the two sporting heavyweights Olympique Marseille and Lazio of Rome, the harmony of a hat had been, “to March by the group”.

so Far, only benchwarmers

The players have really let deeds follow, and since then, the Frankfurt furios play in the Europa League and a goal to shoot the target, you have gained more and more reputation. Now, since the last group game this Thursday from 18.55 PM at the Roman Olympic stadium on the program, can finally engage someone actively involved in the proceedings, so far, been only benchwarmers: Frederik Rönnow. Shortly before Christmas, can look forward to the Dane about his start in the Europa League. Eintracht coach Hütter had already announced before the last Europa League home game against Marseille that Rönnow will play again at the end of the football year 2018 international. And because Kevin Trapp to stand in the 4:0 against the French in the gate and not trick, must now claim the original as the peak force that is committed Rönnow in Rome.