Frankfurt. One step after the other, pretty please. Adi Hütter, the Concord head coach and the relevant clock could not, before the home match this Sunday (18.00 to trick in the F. A. Z.-liveticker for the football Bundesliga and Sky) against Leverkusen jump to conclusions. On the grounds that Frankfurter “standing in front of a very important week,” rejected the 48-Year-old, a first conclusion for the game from operating in the Bundesliga. Leverkusen, then the game next Wednesday (20.30) in Mainz, and finally, the Highlight of the annual accounts on Saturday (18.30 clock) against Bayern Munich – three of these meetings would be “of great importance for the evaluation of the first half of the season,” said Hütter, and underlined once again its position with the remark that the harmony “have a crucial week with Bayern as a blast”. First the work, then the classification of the Achieved.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

with the exception of the Austrians, however, made. After the completion of the group stage in the Europa League with six Wins out of six Games, he drew a conclusion and said it was a “fantastic” performance of the state of Hesse. The lead now with this flawless record in the competition, the list of the best in Germany. “The fact that we have used an Austrian coach, to write German history, I gladly accept, as long as he Eintracht coach,” joked the sporting Director Bruno Hübner. On Monday, the sixteenth of the final draw takes place in Nyon. As a group, winner of the Frankfurt will compete in the knockout round first away. As for the home games in Europe, reported the Concord on Saturday that “all the Blind-Date-passes” had already been sold.

Thus, all conceivable other home “games, including a possible semi-final line-up still to be holding at the end of the ticket it said the quotas already sold out”,. The draw for the Frankfurt opponent such as FC Bruges in the Champions League, Sporting Lisbon, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray Istanbul. A desire opponent for the knockout round named Hütter is not open to the public. The inside defender Marco Russ would play in the new year where it happens to be a particularly “atmospheric”. As more than ten years ago in a duel with Fenerbahce (2:2) in Istanbul. Also Celtic Glasgow would be for the 33-year-old Russ an attractive Los.

In the encounter with Leverkusen, Russ has not possibly a choice. The in the game for Lazio (2:1) suffered thigh injury of Makoto not to Hasebe its use, what is most likely, could appoint Hütter Russ as the new defense chief in the three-chain. A candidate for the important Post, the Mexican Carlos Salcedo, who had to pause in Rome, because he was not nominated for the group phase of the Concord out due to Injury. Hütter was upset on Friday at the weekly press conference of “crazy” that Hasebe is threatening for the Hinrunden-the final sprint to fail. He would have spared the Japanese from the result meaningless game in Rome, could have avoided the Problem.

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But Hütter pointed out for the umpteenth Time the fact that Hasebe “, always playing and in the rhythm of” wool. Besides, he would have had to in this case, Russ in the middle of the three chain. “And with Simon Falette and Evan Ndicka I had two Linksfüßler to the side,” said Hütter, the out but to a failure of Hasebe “good” to compensate. From the point of view of his Leverkusen colleague Heiko Herrlich, the Lack of Hasebe would make things probably easier. Full of praise for the prudent defense strategists a associated with Gorgeous Hasebe as a “Central build-up player,” the Concord, “him we would have to take from the game,” said the Leverkusen Coach.

one way or the other: challenges it’s not his team. “It is impressive”, what would hold the Eintracht striker Luka Jovic, Sebastien Haller and Ante Rebic into this season. “The Frankfurt play incredibly intense, you play full-throttle football – similar to Jürgen Klopp’s football to play,” said Gorgeous. And what Concord is? Hütter warned of the piñata Bayer. “You don’t know exactly what you get,” he said. “I expect a very interesting game. The front of Leverkusen players that are always able to score goals.“