Eden Hazard has made his debut for Real Madrid have been made. The belgian missed out on the start of the season due to a dijblessure began Saturday afternoon, against Levante, for the first time in the bank. At the time, if the Red Devil still attacks, and he has demonstrated that he is an asset to the Royal. However, Courtois will eventually be the hero, after the end of his nets of love.

Eden Hazard came out last summer from Chelsea, but hurt himself during a training session for the openingsmatch against Celta Vigo, and it was since then not in action for his new club. Coach Zinedine Zidane had on Friday said that he would be careful with his new purchase. “He has finished just in time for the party, it is now my duty to divide with him.”

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Those first few minutes were there, and so it is today. Real Madrid was quick to 3-0 after goals from Benzema (2), and Casemiro, but took the 3-1 from Mayoral. The exact conditions for the Switch to be in the fall, was Zidane, and at the time, if that Casemiro will come to replace it. The belgian made straight for the shooting skill (video below), and it was a hard-working.

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Eden Hazard continued to be very active, but it was also fortunate that his losing the ball, was not penalized. This was because Thibaut Courtois has a strong party He was playing, it was let down by his team mates in the two-tegentreffers and scored in the final stage of a proper cure.

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in the Real eight to twelve, and are currently in second place after city rivals Atletico, which, however, has not yet played this past weekend.

Eden Hazard has made Saturday’s long-awaited debut for Real Madrid. The Red Devil has started on the bench, it was dusk and we won with 3-2 from the Beach. On RealMadridTV responded to the Switch after a particularly happy one.

“Here, I always wanted to play”, said Hazard. “Now, I hope that it will also be the start of something beautiful.” Hazard missed the start of the season for his new club due to a dijblessure, and his entry into the Royal had, therefore, to wait. “I am very happy that I was allowed to come in, and the game was able to win the race, but when you’re out injured, it’s not easy to get the rhythm back. That takes time,” admits the Switch, he’s still not in the best condition.

in Conclusive, and could Switch to the Saturday has not yet been, but he showed me quite a few times, its characteristic ratio. The Red Devil was coming to his own words, ” is especially concerned with the three points. “After the two draws we had to absolutely win at home. For the fans, which are 3 to 2 might be a bit on the narrow side, but we got the points. We have to win, but also confidence for the next two major competitions, PSG and Sevilla.”


“I’m really happy for Eden,” said Zidane after the match. “It was immediately clear that he was up for a little something extra made it to the ball, and the verticality in the game. There is no doubt about that. I’m sure he will be in the team and have a lot of expertise. He will now have to spelritme experience, that is, he is still a shortage. He was only four training sessions with the group. We know what he can do, he has to now games need to grow up.”

you may Also use Thibaut Courtois was allowed to have a say, after his strong match is. Hazard has scored almost right away and the first thing he would do. He sent it right away to see what he can do: he brings the rest of the team, allows team mates to be unlocked… but I’m a bit pissed off at him because he has the ball and lost two hakjes (laughs).”

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