Côte-d’or, which is, as of 2020, a new partner of the Red Devils, and the Red Flames. The agreement has a term of at least three years. That the ads for the chocolate brand) and the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) on Friday.

Côte-d’or, and the royal belgian football association revealed it in Chocolate and a Nation in Antwerp, with a statue of chocolate of the captain-Eden Hazard. In addition, there were also eleven paintings in chocolate and presented with memorable moments in the history of the Belgian national team. In the summer of 2020, it would have to have one to be able to come up with a gold band, so it sounds like it’s referring to the upcoming european CHAMPIONSHIPS.

“The belgian football association is very proud to present a new Belgian brand as partner, and in addition, a new sector”, says Manu Leroy, the Director of Communications and Marketing, the royal belgian football association. “We had no voedingsmerk to our partners and as we are all eating get hungry, and I’m convinced that together we can great things be done.”

Photos: the Photo News, and More about Eden Hazard-only ANALYSIS. Why are the Spaniards, that of Courtois and Hazard to the blame of the disaster at Real Madrid, a Spanish analyst in Madrid, the newspaper is hard for Courtois, even the Switch will not be spared: “Like a chicken without a head, so-called” Club Brugge ends up on a sense of incredible stunts, but it’s the same in the field of Real Madrid football club of Madrid, the newspapers carry press and Eden Hazard will have to meet with the Club: “Bernabeu is waiting for you!