Stamps, postcards, coins… As you know, some everyday objects are highly coveted by collectors. So much so that they are ready to spend a small fortune to complete their window display.

What you might not know is that your toys and other junk from yesteryear can also earn you big bucks. Search your grandparents’ attic, your memory box and your childhood bedroom: they may be hiding valuable objects.

The value of an object depends on several criteria, the first of which is rarity. A trinket that has little circulation, is very old or has been produced in very few copies is more likely to bring you money.

But the provenance and good condition of the product can also increase its rating, as Selection magazine reminds us.

For this reason, it is sometimes more thoughtful to keep an object aside for a few years to let it increase in value, rather than wanting to sell it right away.

“For the moment, they may not be popular, but in a few years they will come back into fashion – and at a better price!”, Underlines the magazine. In our slideshow below, discover 9 vintage objects that can already be resold at a very good price.