Getting away from your phone on vacation, is it that complicated? Not sure. According to a study published by the holiday rental site Interhome, the French use digital a lot to settle the details of their trip, but are more keen to do without it once there. If social networks remain important for staying in touch with loved ones and sharing photos and videos of your vacation spot, learning to disconnect is one of the good resolutions to take: thus, 60% of respondents indicate that they want to minimize the use of their phone while on vacation. With success ? Rather yes: 59% of respondents want to reduce their presence on social networks, and 45% say they are not more active on it during the holidays. In addition, 60% of young adults would like to be less present on social networks during this period.

Unsurprisingly, most vacation bookings are done online. The aggregator websites and the websites of the hosts come first in the consultations, accumulating 71% of the respondents between them. Next come online reviews and word of mouth. Social networks also figure strongly in the decision-making process: 28% of respondents and 30% of young people say that their travel plans can be influenced by social networks. Next come influencers: 25% of respondents follow travel influencers, and 45% of young people say they follow these same influencers on social media. The internet also looms large once a stay is over: more than half of respondents leave a review, and 53% of those over 60 are happy to leave theirs.

Interhome has also looked at another digital use during the holidays: television. The latter is declining in popularity at the vacation spot: around 64% of respondents indicate that they watch it less during their stay than at home. Surprisingly, 23% of holidaymakers say they watch TV in a language they don’t know – and most of them are men.