The car manufacturer Porsche have to recall several Thousand vehicles due to various problems. The largest recall involves worldwide 4159 Cayenne SUVs in the hybrid variant. A spokesman for the company confirmed on Monday a report to the page “”. Thus, there are vehicles that were built between June 2017 and October 2018, seems to be a Problem with the fuel system. If the tap is not used when Refuelling, clean the filler cap, could the fuel in the active carbon filter of the tank system. This could lead to misfire or the engine stall.

the World need not, moreover, 1738 vehicles of the type, Macan and Cayenne in the workshop, because the fixing belt seams of the Skisäcke robust enough. In Germany, 568 copies are affected. At high loads, the possibility exists that the strap breaks, it was a Porsche already on Friday. In the workshop of the ski bag will be checked and if necessary replaced. It was purely a precautionary measure.

The home page “” also reported by the recall of 112 Panamera in the United States due to problems with the brake lines. The Porsche speaker in the evening could not confirm.