The textile discounter Kik to pay for a factory fire in Pakistan in front of a good six years, no pain money. The Dortmunder regional court dismissed on Thursday the lawsuit filed by four Pakistanis. The asserted claims of € 30,000 per plaintiff were Statute-barred under Pakistani law, the judges declared. Thus, it remains open whether the plaintiffs had claims against Kik at all.

In the case of the fire in the garment factory, Ali Enterprises, had come in September 2012, a total of 258 people to death and many more have been injured. The plaintiffs – three survivors and a Survivor – wanted to achieve that Kik has to stand as the main customer of the factory for the fire.

Kik: factory had no fire safety deficiencies

The plaintiffs claimed that Kik does not have effect in the case of its suppliers sufficient compliance with safety standards and fire protection requirements – although Kik was obliged to control Standards set. Kik rejects this. The fire had been caused by a terrorist arson attack, for which the textile discounter no fault meet. The factory had no fire safety deficiencies.