The Mainz Professor of sociology, Marina Hennig, is fighting for her PhD. Otherwise, threatened her academic consequences and a loss of Pension rights, such as searches of FAZ.NET . Hennig received his doctorate in 1999 at the Humboldt University in Berlin (HU) on the topic of “change of attitudes and values under the aspect of the authoritarianism of German parents in a comparison of”. A few weeks ago, has decided the Presidium of the HU after a previous examination procedure, the PhD Commission of the competent faculty to withdraw Hennig the conferred doctor’s degree. Against the decision of the Professor complains in front of the administrative court of Berlin. Therefore, the decision is not yet final.

In Hennigs doctoral thesis were found by the research platform “VroniPlag Wiki,” (VPW) on 44 percent of the main pages of text plagiarism.

it is said in the report, VPW, among other things: “In many cases, the draftsman of formulations and interpretations from sources that have a different kind of content does, and the Former in their own context. Basically the – well, in individual cases, to the crucial question of the extent to which the resulting statements in the new context, nor factually justified.“ The work of spelling out also numerous legal and punctuation errors. The analysis of the VPW was the promotion Commission in its decision.

alleged job fraud

The case of Hennig had taken care of in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Land of Berlin for political attention. So the AfD of the Landtag deputies, Martin, Louis Schmidt (Mainz) and Martin Trefzer (Berlin) asked in parliamentary questions in the year 2018 according to the state of the process.

the title of the deprivation of their Professor does not want to comment on the University of Mainz is currently closer to you. They wanted to wait for the legal force of the decision. This force may only occur in a few years: Hennig, provided their action before the administrative court of Mainz is not successful before the higher courts against it. May you be open to even the way to the Federal constitutional court. Up to a final decision, you must carry your doctor’s title, more open to the public. “Only if the title of a withdrawal is final, may be initiated by the University of Mainz, a formal disciplinary procedure,” says the Berlin officials, lawyers, Ulrich baptistery in conversation with FAZ.NET. Then an administrative court decisions in its function as a disciplinary court about the removal of the Professor from service. Imaginable the accusation of the appointing fraud. Because of the withdrawal of the doctor title acting retroactively: Hennig would thus be made, as they would have acquired the title never.


The Mainz Professor is also a significant loss in their claims for pensions have been threatened. “In the case of a dismissal of a tenured loses a high-school teacher, his pension rights,” explains baptistery. It is a post-effective of the German pension insurance. “This means a halving of the pension.” Also, a change in the 1961-born Hennig in retirement would not terminate the processing. “A disciplinary process is also guided in the pension time,” said battistotti. Something else was not reasonable for the taxpayers.