The majority of German citizens wants to eat in the new year, less meat and sausage. As a survey by the Institute Emnid for Greenpeace found, indicated 54 percent of respondents to 2019 your meat consumption limit. In the case of the women it was 62 percent, and men 46 percent, the environmental protection organization announced on Wednesday.

in addition, 89 percent of meat, consumers are willing to pay for meat of animals from animal welfare more money. In the case of the Younger the restriction of meat consumption has a lot to do with the associated consequences for the environment, the Elderly want to eat healthier, as Greenpeace said. Emnid surveyed in December 1014 representative selected German citizens.

changing consciousness

The survey has documented the “growing change in awareness of the consumer,” said Greenpeace agriculture expert Martin Hofstetter. Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) was asked, “finally, better living conditions to enforce,” he said.

the desire of consumers for more transparency in the meat buying is clear: 81% of the meat consumers want to pay according to the survey, the attitude of labelling.