Disposal in the case of SRF-satire show – Due to budget cuts: Gagschreiber Karpi leaves the “Deville”In the year of the “Comedy offensive” saves SRF solid at the Satire. A Late-Night Show at the SRF is no longer possible, says Showrunner Patrick Karpiczenko. Pascal Blum30 Kommentare30Als head writer was Patrick Karpiczenko responsible for the Gags, for the past two seasons he also appeared as a Sidekick.Photo: SRF

A single satirical show makes the SRF in the television – and now also the head writer and Sidekick loses. Because SRF “substantial cuts” plans, assigns to Patrick Karpiczenko alias Karpi at “SRF Deville”. SRF have squeezed out from the Team in the office and now wishes to implement cuts in “double-digit percentage” of the budget.

The shipment had been produced since the Start of 2016, with an unchanged Budget, but it is always “thin-deleted”, says Karpiczenko, who coined the show as Showrunner and Director and for the past two seasons as the Sidekick, alongside host Dominic Deville occurred. “I don’t see how you can’t recover under these circumstances, a shipment will be worse.” A Late-Night Show with an audience no longer in a wait-and-SRF, actually.

This is all the more surprising, as the SRF said in 2020, the year of the “Comedy offensive” and “Deville” as a “flagship on Sunday night,” exclaimed, at the expense of the “Late Update” with Michael Elsener. There is no contradiction, SRF? You would continue to stand “Deville”, means there. “We have increased the number of episodes in this year and the tenth season follows in September.”

“My child,”

the cost of printing will suffer in the case of “Deville”, especially the work of the authors as well as the one-player, says Karpiczenko. “It is just trying to save where you tried online a bit, well, strange things.” Greater awareness is “Deville” with the Trump-Video “Switzerland Second”, the counts on Youtube are now almost 13 million Views.

Sad Karpiczenko yet. “It is hard to let my child go,” he wrote on Twitter before his last broadcast on Sunday. Now, he will continue as a Director and author; together with the Director Natascha Beller (“The fertile years are over”) operates the company Apéro Film.

What will now happen to “Deville”? “Karpi has developed the show with me, constantly driven forward, and, of course, also coined,” says Dominic Deville. Karpis’s departure will mean a further change in the shipment, but not the end. So Karpiczenko was given the task as Director and head writer prior to recording of the final season to others.

Dominic Deville will have to implement the cuts with his Team now. It is still unclear what that means exactly. After all, hosts Deville can be sure that he is the Sidekick, the Apple will never steal again in the Show, he chuckles at a joke. Deville: “So it is! I think it is how the fantastic Band Spinal Tap with their drummers. As soon as you become rebellious, you need to go! Karpi should be glad that he didn’t explode in the middle of the Show!”

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