Companies have difficulty explaining – Because of breakdowns, series: Sommaruga answers from SwisscomDer requires a fourth loss in just five months, calls on the Federal government as the owner on the Plan. The top of the company must be available to answer questions. The reason for the mishap was a software error. Angelika Gruber3 Kommentare3Muss due to breakdowns serial enter: Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi, here at the media conference to the beginning of the year.Photo: Ennio Leanza (Keystone)

With the new grid failure in the case of Swisscom, the pressure on the leadership to grow. The Federal government, which holds the majority of the group wants to address the glitch with the Chairman of the Board Hansueli Loosli and CEO Urs Schaeppi, in the context of the owner’s conversations. The competent Department of the environment, transport, energy and communications announced that the German Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga protrudes.

In addition, the incident calls on the competent national Council Committee for transportation and telecommunications to the Plan, to the top of the company at the end of June also.

Contradictory to the emergency numbers

On Tuesday afternoon, the Swisscom network is down for several hours. Were affected in both the mobile as well as landline. Caused trouble in some cantons, the emergency numbers were. On the Homepage “alert Swiss” Federal office for civil protection of the Canton warned of Obwalden, for example: “Due to a breakdown of Swisscom’s no calls to the emergency number 112, 117, 118, and 144 via the mobile network (Natel) is partially possible.”

In Solothurn, however, the calls worked– in spite of the fault of Swisscom. Swisscom itself says that emergency works would have, also from the mobile network.

Swisscom share price lost its value

the reason for the failure an unexpected software error in network parts, such as the Swisscom announced on Wednesday. You have been working “with the involvement of international suppliers” to the analysis and rectification of the error. Name of the supplier, the group is not called.

to the beginning of the year, a faulty network part of the reason for a breakdown. A connection between the two incidents, there is, however, explained a spokeswoman.

Swisscom is obliged, in accordance with the order of the Federal government, the statutory basic services. This also includes emergency services. The company had gambled in the past months, a lot of confidence, said the Vice-President of the national Council’s Commission for transport and telecommunications, Jon Pult (SP), compared to Radio SRF. “We will certainly keep up the pressure.” Because a secure and stable network is important for Switzerland.

The Federal government holds 51 per cent stake in the listed company. Also in the case of the investors, the breakdown was not good: The Swisscom share price fell almost one per cent in value and was, therefore, somewhat weaker than the entire Swiss market.

there Are personal consequences?

Whether the latest outage could have personnel consequences, remained open in the first place. After the series of glitches at the beginning of the year Swisscom CEO Schaeppi had not excluded this in an Interview with the Sunday newspaper, at least. “We decide if the detail analysis of the events,” he had said to a question. On Wednesday refused to comment on the Swisscom it.

The competition is not, however, remain idle. Sunrise, in particular, offers corporate clients a safety net for failures with other providers. You can then Dodge to the Sunrise network, as a spokesperson explains. In order for a trouble-free operation should be possible.

Swisscom slips in customer satisfaction from

Not only the Federal government, as the owner, Failure to find the problems. Also, the mobile Phone subscription customers with Swisscom, less satisfied, as a survey conducted by the online comparison service shows. According to her, a competitor to Sunrise is now for the first time. Swisscom is only just ahead of third-placed Salt.

“, Swisscom has for years problems – significantly more than other providers.”

Ralf Beyeler, money, land-Telecom expert

money land-Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler sees a possible connection with the power failures. “Swisscom has for years problems – significantly more than other providers. The Image plays a certain role in such surveys,” he says. Swisscom itself has detected no decline in customer satisfaction. “Our own regular customer satisfaction surveys show that our customers – especially in the last few weeks – very satisfied with our Service,” explains the group.

Even better than the well-established provider of brands such as M-Budget from cuts in the money land survey cheap. Beyeler explained that with the cheaper offer. Quite generally, notice periods and roaming costs, had a negative impact on the satisfaction of the customers.

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