Eight endangered Ring-tailed Lemur babies were born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.

Keepers at the zoo are delighted to welcome five males and three women to their troop.

This is the most successful breeding season, which is no small feat considering that Lemurs usually only have a 24-48-hour window to breed each year.

Sasha Brook, zookeeper, said that all the infants were currently spending their time hanging onto mom’s stomach and suckling milk.

“The eldest couple has started to wander on their mums’ backs occasionally and taking a look around.

“But they’ll spend a lot of time wriggling, squirming and learning to climb, learn to bounce and just generally getting into mischief over the next month.”

Eight different mothers gave birth to the babies, five of which were first-time mothers and were also born at the zoo.

The infants include offspring of a new male Skynard who arrived at Taronga Western Plains Zoo last summer and adds a new genetic pool to the breeding program.

Primates, which can live up to 18 years, are found on Madagascar’s African island.

These species are in danger. There are breeding programs all over the world to try and combat declining numbers, largely due to habitat destruction.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo will reopen its doors to visitors on October 18th.