A wild car chase between police and a gang of drugstrafikanten an unexpected turn of events be received. The boat of the smugglers and the police clashed, leaving three policemen thrown off. At the urging of a patrol that, in the meantime, a helicopter was called out, rushed out of the pass, the agents will be of help. The three men were to be saved, but that the smugglers were later arrested in a massive load of drugs. The agents could be as much as 80 bales of pot out of the deep-sea fishing, which corresponds to three tons.

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the Police department is drugsbende on the trail during the epic chase at the seaside

coast guard filmed a spectacular chase of a boat full of drugs:
find out More about the war on drugs is Also a Workshop in drugsteam threatening to go down due to internal conflict, the Italian police discovered a huge marijuana plantation behind the small door in the shower, British police intercepted a record amount of heroin is on its way to Antwerp Again, a grenade exploded in a street in Antwerp