In the netherlands, is a lawyer, in the street shot to death. It’s going to be Derk Wiersum, which is the kroongetuige to assist in the wholesale liquidation process ‘Marengo’. Reports that police in the Netherlands. In the meantime, it is also the National co-Ordinator for counter-Terrorism, and Security, are involved in the case.

as Wiersum (44), was Wednesday morning a little after 7: 30 am-close shot in front of his home in the Imstenrade, in the South part of Amsterdam. According to witnesses, stood by his wife beside him, at the time of the murder, according to the Dutch media, was one of two children currently in the home, but they were not injured. The lawyer was still in places, but it was of no avail.

The shooter fled on foot away. He is being tracked down by the police, it’s going to be a black clad teenager, between the ages of 16 and 20 years old, about 1.75 meters tall.

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the liquidation process

now, he or she will not be the first in the area of the Nabil b, which was to be liquidated. His brother, Reduan was on the 29th of march, 2018, with also shot in Amsterdam, the netherlands. That murder occurred a week after the justice had announced that Nabil B. kroongetuige, it would have been a major investigation into a series of killings by a mob led by the fugitive Ridouan Taghi is the most wanted man in the Netherlands.

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the Police and the judiciary recognized that, in February, all of which they are a threat to the family in their kroongetuige wrong, and procurement. B is itself currently being held in a prison in Vught, near ’s Hertogenbosch, the netherlands, from where they will be protected. He has made disclosure of a number of killings, even cases in which he himself was involved, in exchange for a sentence remissions, and protection.


Wiersum, it was already threatened, and talked with my colleagues about the need for security. Up until last week, the lawyer, in any case, will not be protected, explain well-informed sources, according to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. As a lawyer, Nabil B., he, together with his client, though not public at hearings in the court of law. The police are supervised more often than the usual close to home, in Amsterdam, the netherlands.

The band around the Taghi will be responsible for a string of assassinations and attempts to do so in the underworld. Taghi is true if the absolute prime suspect. He is on the run, as well as his alleged right-hand man, Said Razzouki. In addition to this two, count ‘Marengo’, fourteen defendants. In varying combinations, may be they have many of the crimes of the accused. The reasons for the incomplete murder, ranging from revenge for the betrayal, to anger over non-payment of debts.

Photo: AFP < / P> the Shocked reactions

In the Second Room to respond, they are shocked at the murder. Ruling party, the CDA speaks of “a direct attack on our rule of law”. Also the coalition partner, the liberal party sees the rule of law is threatened.

“It’s worse than that really,” says christian democrat Mp, Chris van Dam on Twitter. “A new era in the use of the drug mafia.” The new winding-up, does his liberal party colleague Dilan Yesilgöz think in Italian its gangster activity”. “Very shocking, this is. This does not affect the very foundation of our rule of law, and should not be allowed to happen in the Netherlands.

you can Also use the Nederlandse orde van advocaten (NOvA), is a “very, very shocked” that a lawyer must, in the performance of their duties, is wound up. “We have to live with the families of the deceased, and to follow the investigation closely,” says a spokesman.

dedicated team

the in the Meantime, a special team was constituted under the supervision of the National co-Ordinator for counter-Terrorism, and Security, we will look at the security of the association. “This team has the responsibilities to ensure your safety and security and to activate and strengthen, in a manner which will provide protection against this threat,” said the Dutch minister of Security and Justice Ferd Grapperhaus.

The team is going to explicitly look at what is needed to get the lawyers to a “safe and peaceful” as it’s intended, to let Grapperhaus in the Second Room you know.” “This team will be specifically looking at what the professionals need in order to be safe and to really be able to function.” Grapperhaus, calls for the murder of a lawyer Derk Wiersum is an “attack on the rule of law”. “Organized crime is once again a limit is taken. I can understand the shock and emotions of the officers and the judges are very, very good.”

whether Or not the government has fallen short in this case, following the earlier killing of the brother of the kroongetuige, will Grapperhaus’s hard to say. “We have to remember one thing, this is a well organized crime we, as a society, and I was also, as a member of the society to the cinema. Here is a border to be gone. I will be in and the government is very clear on the issue, here we have a very, very hard at it.”
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