With hot winds coming from the Maghreb and having already reached the entire Iberian Peninsula, an exceptional drought is expected in France. Apart from the fact that this climate problem will have significant consequences on the purchasing power of the French (Spain forced to review its production of fruit and vegetables, its products imported into France will necessarily see their prices increase in our supermarket chains), it will also have consequences on their activities and their daily lives. Indeed, some municipalities could implement measures to reduce their water consumption and therefore close certain places such as municipal swimming pools, for example.

Some French departments already on drought alert, must think about measures to save water and prepare for the even hotter temperatures that are looming. Indeed, 45 departments have been subject to water restrictions since April. The looming drought, which is already affecting many regions, will be worse than last year.

Cities have already established rules to follow such as not watering your garden or not filling your swimming pool. If these are not respected, you will be charged a fine of 1,500 euros. This amount can reach 3,000 euros in the event of a repeat offence.

Decisions concerning the closure of some places will be made, as was the case for the summer of 2022. What will no longer be accessible to the French in the near future? We list for you the possible choices of municipalities in our slideshow.