A summer under high tension. The drought this winter will have consequences for the months of June, July and August and the authorities are worried about it. The groundwater level is particularly low, despite the rainfall of recent weeks, which has not been sufficient. According to projections by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, unveiled in the middle of May, a risk of drought is “very likely” in 26 departments and not just in the South of France. If around twenty territories are simply at “possible” risk of drought, the rest of the country is still at “probable” risk. The alert is therefore given everywhere, or almost.

Since the beginning of spring, several prefectures have taken the lead and announced water restrictions in certain particularly tense areas. Here they are, according to the level of severity.

On June 5, 2023, the level of crisis was decreed in some territories of three departments. In a dozen others, several areas are on alert or on heightened alert. Do any water restrictions currently apply in your home? Has your department switched from vigilance to alert? Check it out in our slideshow below.