Episodes of heat waves and extreme heat are more and more frequent in the world. This climate change is causing a major drought, which is currently affecting the European continent. France is one of the countries hardest hit by this problem. In various departments of France, municipalities have implemented water restriction measures. These can range from respecting the watering of your garden during a specific time slot, to a total ban on watering your plants. There are also measures in relation to swimming pools. Indeed, in some departments, filling your pool may be prohibited.

But how do you keep your plants and vegetable garden in good condition while limiting your water consumption? We have compiled for you the list of 5 equipment in which to invest in order to save water. Find them in our slideshow, available below.

Several daily actions are to be adopted to cope with the heat waves experienced by the French territory. Here is what the firefighters of France recommend on their official website:

Find the equipment to save water in your garden, in our slideshow.