The drought is spreading like wildfire. From now on, no department is spared by this crisis. This month of July is the driest recorded in France for more than 63 years, according to the final report of Météo-France published on Tuesday August 2,

“July 2022 is the driest month of July over the period 1959-2022 on a national scale. It ranks second among the driest months of all months combined behind March 1961, with a deficit of almost 90% with 7, 8 mm on average over the country”, specifies the assessment of the institute of meteorology and climatology in France, as reported by BFMTV.

Faced with this situation, many water restriction measures are taken at national and local level. Thus, several municipalities have even taken the decision to cut off the supply of drinking water taps.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition has classified the departments according to the level of drought. The inhabitants of the municipalities of the departments whose situation is considered to be a crisis could indeed be deprived of drinking water supply from time to time if the situation required it.

Here is the list of departments classified in maximum alert level: