Water is a precious resource. However, in times of drought, it becomes even more rare and precious. Its use for your garden may be compromised. Because when the situation requires it, prefectural decrees regulating its use are taken accordingly, indicates article L211-3 II-1° of the environmental code.

These are exceptional measures of limitation or suspension and are therefore not intended to last over time. Your vegetable garden should theoretically not suffer from this for long.

This limitation prioritizes the use of this very important liquid, informs Le Monde. Thus, the use of this resource is a priority for health, civil security, the supply of drinking water and the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.

Even if your garden is not one of them, you will still be able to consume water. Indeed, to protect it, different levels of restrictions have been put in place. In addition, so that the principle of proportionality in public decisions, i.e. the adequacy of the measure to the situation, is respected.

These measures are:

So how do you ensure that your vegetable patch or garden has sufficient resources during a period of drought? The slideshow below presents tips for optimizing your watering, according to How-Economy.fr.