the Dutch telecom company, KPN, Joost Farwerck was appointed as the new chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors. The company informs that Tuesday morning, a day after it proposed the appointment of an ex-Proximus CEO Dominique Leroy, for revoked it had.

Farwerck is currently interim chairman for the Dutch telecom operator, and since the departure of Maximo Ibarra. He becomes CEO on 1 december. Farwerck you can expect a basic salary of 875.000 euros per year, supplemented by bonuses and promotions.

“Joost knows the business inside and out, and the environment in which the company operates. Joost as CEO, the supervisory board satisfied that there is good progress with the development and implementation of the strategy for KPN,” says Duco Sickinghe, the chairman of the supervisory board.

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Monday, it was reported that KPN is that of Dominique Leroy, the ex-topvrouw, Proximus, was not a candidate was in the process of the CEO and the chairman of the board of management of KPN to become one. Leroy, will, according to KPN, a compensation scheme for certain expenses, and the amount of time that they put in new since it was nominated. The amount of the compensation as does the Dutch ptt communications.

mr. Sickinghe said on Tuesday that the supervisory board of KPN, “has recently had to deal with a number of unexpected challenges related to the succession of the CEO. “The supervisory board is pleased with the announced changes to KPN’s ready to move forward with a focused team with the lead, ( … ). ”

Leroy fire

now that KPN has referred to the decision in order to Adjust the side-to-slide-into-the uncertainty and unpredictability of the proceedings against Belgium away. It is located in the us, the country is now under fire for an equity transaction. Leroy on July 25, the shares offered by Proximus to the value of 285.000 euros, and to sell, on the 1st of August. The Belgian financial watchdog (FSMA) and the public prosecutor’s office are investigating this transaction, because there may be case of insider trading.

On Thursday, september 19, at the request of the Brussels court is to conduct a search of the place in the house of Leroy, and at its head office in the Network. Leroy said that her departure will certainly not be the reason for the sale of shares was made. With the departure of a chief executive officer as price sensitive information.

Leroy had to say that, at the time of the sale had not yet decided to use the Proximus-to-left. But she told that she already has a few interviews with external stakeholders, including IT. Proximus is made on the 5th of september to be known that Oil would have to leave. Initially, she would have to continue till the 1st of december, but, ultimately, it was decided that on the 20th of september, it would stop.

the Unions are the evil

with The departure of Leroy, was it for anger provided by the trade unions, which is still in negotiations with the management of the business and the terms and conditions of the comprehensive restructuring that Leroy has been announced. It’s 1,900 job cuts and the eur 1,250 new ones were created over a period of three years.

now that KPN will report on Tuesday in addition to Chris Figee was appointed as financial director as of 1 February 2020. The company is also in the board of directors to extend. The current financial chief, Jan Kees de Jager will depart on the 1st of march.