in the British media published photos make you smile. Including a Selfie, that means shows old Couple in vacation. Paul G., 47 years old, and his partner Elaine K., seven years older, are considered suspicious, to the London Gatwick airport with the drones shut down. The police in West Sussex have arrested the couple late on Friday evening in your own home just near to the Airport, you will be interrogated. Stunned residents were seen as police officers grew frantic in a quiet cul-de-SAC location, the house and the two came out.

G. and K. come from Gatwicks Crawley village. Crawley, so it writes the “Daily Mail”, to a “battlefield” in the course of the planned expansion of Gatwicks Airport. With more than 100,000 inhabitants large town in West Sussex is located in the flight path of the airport and could soon suffer even more under the aircraft noise. In October, the airport had made its plans public, to invest 500 million pounds in the Expansion of its emergency Landing site, and to use then for daily use. Under the Plan, by 2032, an additional 100,000 flights per year to start and to land. Environmentalists and many local residents have angered the project difficult. They fear that this is just a Trick to install a second and even third runway. This could increase the airport’s capacity by 20 to 30 percent.

G. and K. would suffer also. And the man is according to the descriptions of friends a passionate drone flyers, also enjoys remote-controlled helicopter. His boss confirmed to the Telegraph that he had used it in the past, but gave him a sort of Alibi. The window installer should have worked for at the time of drone flights in the restricted area of the Airport. However, his boss was not able to worked confirmed this with my own eyes, said that G. come usually around 7:45 p.m. to the store on the days of the drone attack, however, outside. Neighbors described him as a hard-working, two-time father. Therefore, it is absolutely reliable.

a witness claims to have seen the Suspect with drone

another witness, the 52-year-old Manager at the energy company, EDF Energy, Paul Motts, told the Sun that he had seen a Mitdreißiger on a country road four miles from the runway on Thursday evening. “I delivered a package and drove to a suspicious man in a fluorescent Cycling gear while he is a great drone bent down, which was completely lit,” he said. In addition to this large drone, about 1.20 meters tall, he still had a second, smaller drone. Shortly thereafter, he had observed the Suspect, as he was going to pack the drones as quickly as possible. It was extremely strange, said Motts, especially with the Knowledge that something at the airport happened.