Driving report BMW 3-series: Now with joy at the reverse


    The BMW 3-series is at the heart of the Munich brand. No model makes more pieces, since 1976, every fifth BMW already sold more than 15 million units, a 3-series. Now, the seventh Generation is coming in March 2019 at the market, the order books for the Bestseller since October open. The middle-class model is again grown to eight inches, and now, with 4,71 metres in length, therefore, is less on the target, to improve the space, but to the many regulations with regard to accident safety, the costs of simply space. And if you grab the front of it, not one could do the rear just nothing, says Designer Michael Markefka. Finally, the proportions would have to agree.

    Boris Schmidt

    editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

    F. A. Z.

    Thus, the trunk volume remains despite the increase in length is equal to (480 liters), but the interior is something to is, what is the four centimeters of extra wheelbase (now 2.85 meters). It has not been so good on the back of a 3-sat.

    BMW has left not a single screw on the new model unchanged, the Design has been sharpened, but the New remains unmistakably a 3 series. The Longer length is good for him. Market premiere the customer has the choice of five different engines, four-cylinder with two litre engine displacement and an inline six-cylinder (Diesel) with three-Liter. Also, the engines were completely overhauled, they’re all married to an eight-speed automatic, and later, it will give the weaker engines with a manual six-speed Box.

    That, in the case of Mercedes, the latest models can now be “Hey, Mercedes,” and then a kind of entertainment can be passed, wanted a BMW, not sitting. Here it is now for the first time in a Munich car, “Hey, BMW”, and the intelligent System knows how to home the weather is or how far you can drive. The System speaks 14 languages, finally, the 3er is a car for all of the world.