has been set Following an incident at the airport Hannover is the flight traffic at the Airport for four hours. A man had come on Saturday afternoon with a car on the apron, as a spokesman for the Federal police said. According to investigators there was no evidence of a terrorist Background. The officials went out by a single perpetrator. The driver had been according to the drug test under the influence of cocaine and amphetamines. The motive is unclear. Injured is not have given it to.

The man has broken according to the first results gate to the apron. “How is not yet clear,” the spokesman said. There, the man tried, therefore, a country to follow the plane of the Greek Airline Aegean. He had then been out of the patrol car and taken into custody stopped. The Aegean-Jet remained undamaged.

The airport after the incident, the flight, operating between 16 and 20 hours. Were affected at least 13 take-offs and 21 landings, delayed or whose Jets were diverted. 19 at the Check-in ran again. “Such an incident has not occurred in the entire history of the airport,” said the managing Director of Airports, Raoul Hille.

A bomb disposal service at the car was looking for. This is a routine measure, a part of the terminal A, but was blocked however, for security reasons, temporarily, because it will have front glass, pointing in the direction of the stationary cars. The Rest of the Terminals, and the other two Terminals remained open.