In India, a family of five in their car in the water after a crash on the bridge. The officer could have himself a very quick release and took the rest of the family. His first priority was to get the baby in about five months out of the sinking vehicle. In no time at all able to do this for him, and he threw the baby into the crowd on the bridge. He turned to the baby, however, did not go far enough, so that they go back in the water and fell in. The crowds on the bridge and jumped quickly into the water to keep the baby, and the rest of the family to save the day. The complete evacuation, according to witnesses, an hour was finished. Once everyone was in the dry land, the family was taken to the hospital. No one was injured in the incident.

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is a Bridge in Turkey, breaks down, and absorbs two of the pedestrians

Controversial images: a director leaves the baby on her lap, and even shows the middle finger to the camera:
find out More about India and Indian preschool (2) death is encountered in the pit, and after four days of intensive digging, the rescue Workers have been trying for four days with a toddler, well, to survive in India, Which is a miracle: the man with the cart that saves the unconscious from the pre-schooler from the balcony is of a Leopard, which was paralysed after the attack is re-released into the wild, “His recovery was miraculous, to see”