Gent < / P> when you take the R4 direction Zelzate (belgium) is around 15: 45 hours, a fatal accident occurred at the height of the Sint-Kruis-Winkel. The road was completely blocked in the direction of. “In view of the seriousness of the incident, that is the whole intersection shut down”, says Wegeninfo. In the accident, fell in one fatality and two injuries.

According to the witnesses, it would be a truck with an Italian number plate, broken in three stationary vehicles in the intersection. The three vehicles were heavily damaged. One car in which the victim was sitting in the completely folded around the pole. The emergency services were quickly on the spot and tried to free her, to save the day. But for all of the help was of no avail. She died at the scene. The two other board members were slightly wounded, they were in the care of the transfer to the hospital. The public prosecutor’s office of East Flanders, is a verkeersdeskundige on the spot, sent to the accident area to investigate. There will be one lane open to traffic in the direction of Zelzate. In both directions, there is a lot of obstruction to the flow of traffic. It is recommended that the area to be avoided.

Photos: FSR