Gent < / P> A 74-year-old woman was located Wednesday on the pedal, she drove her car into a window of a day care centre at the city hospital Jan Palfijn. There were no injuries, and the driver was in a state of shock.

In the city the Jan Palfijn hospital was a very loud bang will be heard when at around 14: 15 hours in a window of the nursery and leave to rest & Nanou reality as it was. “An elderly woman, who is in the car wanted to leave, was wrong on the pedal,” says politiewoordvoerder Matto Langeraert. The woman was driving through the fence and hit the side of the window. “Fortunately there were no injuries.” The day-care centre is owned by the City of Ghent in belgium. The fire department and engineering department came to the site to get to the window to cover it up with a wooden board.