Horror-crash in the Training of the German winter sports professionals. World Cup Participant Jessica Löschke fell unhappy. An Emergency SURGERY saved her career.

The German winter athletes started their preparation in Oberwiesenthal . During the Training long-distance runner, Jessica Löschke a terrible accident. You rammed your ski pole through the leg . A Emergency SURGERY in Dresden was needed.

Oberwiesenthal/Dresden – While a number of sports to make the restart after the Corona-Pause* can also grab the winter sports after a short rest period again. Individual Training is now allowed again*.

The top athletes of the German ski Federation started their preparation in the Saxon town of Oberwiesenthal . But the return to team training is overshadowed by a dramatic . the cross-country skiing-Ass Jessica Löschke injured .

Oberwiesenthal: Horror accident in the DSV-Training – cross country ski pole rams through the leg

The forest run in the ore mountains is an integral part of the DSV-training , and for the first 20-Year-old world Cup-Participant almost Routine. The condition of unit was this time, however, almost to a terrible tragedy. A hair an unfortunate fall would have completed the career of the long-runner .

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Jessica Löschke slipped the cross country and slammed your ski pole through the calf of the leg . For the Training in the site the pros use sticks with a sharp steel tips . Bild.de reports of blood scream and a shiny the coach immediately called the fire brigade .

Dresden: Ski Ass Jessica Löschke is injured severely, with a stick in the leg in the Uni-clinic

on-the-spot were able to take the helpers, little . The floor is easy to pull out, would have been much too dangerous. That is why he was capped at both sides and the Athlete with a ski pole in the leg to Dresden flown .

In the University hospital has launched a Emergency surgery . You saved Jessica Löschke career . But more was still a part of. “ Jessica had great luck in the misfortune , ” says DSV-team physician Dr. Tom Kastner, “neither blood-vessels nor nerves were hit by the stick.” The young long-distance runner, can drive soon, re-performance sports . Already in June, so the picture could get back to Training.

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“Just remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours.”~ #nevergiveup#staystrong#bed days willcome#newdaynewchance#newracenewfight#winter fans#timetoski

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A possible Olympic participation will motivate Löscke the Comeback certainly. During the summer Olympic games this year because of the Corona of a pandemic can’t take place, will be held on 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing most likely as planned.