Josef Ferstl has teamed up with rock-hard departure from Bormio self-confidence is the most important Phase of the Alpine Ski season. The racer from upper Bavaria, was on Friday the Eleventh, and confirmed its upward trend in the world Championships Winter. “Very well, I’m very happy,” said the 29-Year-old.

Ferstl was 1.63 seconds behind Dominik Paris, of the celebrated in front of his South Tyrol team mate Christof innerhofer (+0.36 seconds) for a home win. Third was world champion Beat Feuz from Switzerland (+0,52). In addition to Ferstl, who had run in the last two departures of the courts 13 (Beaver Creek) and 12 (Val Gardena), managed Dominik Schwaiger than 19. (+2,17) and Manuel Schmid 21. (+2,20) in the points ranking. Schwaiger, who was just in Bormio a year ago, a bad fall, landed in a downhill never so far forward. Schmid initialized no matter his career-best value in Val Gardena two weeks ago. Andreas Sander of disappointed, however, to place 35 (+3,08), Christof Brandner arbitration.

The shot ride on the infamous Stelvio Piste with extremely smooth passages required a lot of courage and a strong condition. “It forces consuming,” said Paris, who won for the third Time in Bormio. “Because you have to bite the teeth together and by.”

“You can never rest,” said Ferstl. “At the top of everything is so tight, these are all such great skiers. I am proud to get to ride on it,“ he said. “A small mistake can be a breach of or the From. It always moves at the Limit.“

it was the Slovenian Klemen to feel the Kosi, the crashed hard with the rescue helicopter was flown away. On TV pictures was to see how the 27-Year-old was after the first crash into the catch fence without body tension. The Slovenian ski Association announced that Kosi was brought in the hospital of Sondrio, and in the case of consciousness. He could move his arms and legs, as well as with the Doctors talking. He had pain in the neck area and skin abrasions in the face. If there are other violations, would have to show further investigation.

in Val Gardena, Marc Gisin was thrown out of Switzerland, hard, and had suffered multiple rib injuries and a lung injury.