On the stock exchange, the stock prices fall again: After a veritable recovery on the second day of Christmas, the week-long downward slide continues on Wall Street. The American standard value of index, the Dow Jones traded in the course of trading this Thursday, almost 2 percent lower than average, the prices of the iPhone manufacturer Apple, the aerospace company Boeing and the Software has been reduced by Corporation Microsoft.

In Germany, the Dax previously been weak in the day no longer starts, and extended losses after the start of trading Overseas, first of all, even at almost 3 percent – the most important German stock index is now well above the 10,000-point mark. More than 4 percent of the value of the shares of Merck, Bayer, Eon, RWE and Volkswagen, the Deutsche Bank shares up to 5 percent lost.

The Thursdays closes at quite a turbulent Christmas week. On Christmas eve, the Dow Jones had fallen about 3 percent. Even the us President, Donald Trump interrupted his celebrations, and attacked the guardian of the currency, the Central Bank in Washington via the short message service Twitter in an unprecedented way. He introduced among them, to have no feel for the markets and to understand his political projects – such as the trade war with China. Longer he makes, especially the Central Bank and its President, Jerome Powell for the weak stock market development since a few months.

Later, he called in an Interview then, to buy American stocks, because they are cheap. On Wednesday, the benchmark indices have jumped by approximately 5 percent. The Rally on Wednesday was mainly driven by retail and energy values. The former benefited from signals that the Christmas business is so good as it has been for several years running. The latter won, because the American Oil prices had risen by almost ten percent. “The investors after the Rally from Wednesday, cash,” said a trader.