From the city of Marseille to the lands of Auvergne, there is only one step for Dounia Coesens. Revealed to viewers in Plus belle la vie on France 3, the actress played Johanna Marci, Roland’s granddaughter, from 2004 until 2014. Four years later, she returned to the Mistral for a few appearances at the screen.

In 2022, Dounia Coesens was disappointed to learn of the end of the famous soap opera which propelled her into the spotlight. Before the farewell of the actors to the fans of Plus belle la vie last November, the 30-year-old shared her emotion with the newspaper Le Parisien. “I went back to the studios, and found myself wandering alone in Place Mistral… I grew up there, from my 15 to my 25 years, it’s like a second family, so to think that all that will be destroyed, of course, it’s sad”, confided the actress who has rebounded since the end of the series.

In March 2021, Dounia Coesens won the leading role in La Doc et le Véto, a French series in which she plays the role of Michel Cymes. The famous doctor (almost) changes register since he slips into the skin of veterinarian Pierre Josset. While his partner plays the role of Emma Collin, a qualified doctor arriving from the capital to settle in a village in Auvergne.

If the beginnings of the pair are complicated in the series, the agreement gradually settles between them. As for the accomplice actors on the set. “He is someone who wants to learn and who learns very quickly”, she confided for Télé-Loisirs in front of her partner. “Yes Michel, you have great mirror neurons: everything I send, you know how to receive it”.

For his part, the wealthy actor and animator was able to give some advice to Dounia Coesens to play La Doc. “She has a lot of empathy and is interested in others, which is the first quality for a doctor. When I teach her to take her blood pressure or to listen with a stethoscope, she gets it quickly,” he told the magazine. . In the company of the sexagenarian, the studious and sparkling actress also “learned medical gestures but also benevolence” to accompany patients in fiction, “how to talk to them or how to bring a refractory to indulge”.

However, it was with another man that Dounia Coesens discovered her true vocation: comedy. Born in Aix-en-Provence into a family of artists, she is the daughter of actor Antoine Coesens. The fifties, native of the north, has already posed with her in front of the photographers during the red carpets.

Viewers have been able to see him in secondary roles in cinema and on TV in the late 80s and early 90s. Central Night, or Camping Paradis and Munch.

© Guignebourg Denis/ABACA

Like many celebrities, Dounia Coesens remains discreet about her private life. The one who joined Tomorrow belongs to us (on TF1) shares little information in the media and on social networks. On the only testimony of the actress granted in 2019 to Télé 7 Jours, we learn that she would be in a relationship with a musician named Tom.

Two artists in great demand in their respective careers. “We are often on the roads each on our side,” she admitted to our colleagues, quoted by the magazine Closer. Despite the distance, Dounia Coesens and her companion would have sealed their love for several years. “In January, Tom asked me to join us,” she revealed. “He gave me a magnificent yellow gold and turquoise ring. It never leaves me”. A discreet love that seems to last away from the cameras.