Discover | Rising Star | Jeanne Côté: The Inspiration Behind the New Generation

Jeanne Côté, a rising star in the music industry, has been making waves with her unique style and inspiring lyrics. Coming from a family deeply rooted in music, Côté found her passion for songwriting at a young age. Her latest album, “Suite pour personne,” released in January 2023, has garnered attention and praise, leading her to win the prestigious Francouvertes competition.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Joni Mitchell and the minimalist approach of Bibi Club and Rozi Plain, Côté’s music has a cinematic quality that captivates listeners. Her admiration for storytelling shines through in her work, with a desire to create depth and emotion in her songs.

One song that particularly resonates with Côté is “Café Robinson” by Marie-Jo Thério, a seven-minute masterpiece that tells a rich and emotional story. With a summer filled with concerts and workshops in Petite-Vallée, Côté is already working on her next album, promising a new sound while staying true to her minimalist roots.

Catch Jeanne Côté live at Pub Brasseur in Montreal on June 14th at 5 pm as part of the Francos festival. Don’t miss the chance to experience the talent and passion of this emerging artist.