Dortmund loses to Bayern – As, Mr. Favre? In a high class top of the game, not much is missing from the BVB to Bayern – but something’s just missing. The pattern runs through the coach the life of Lucien Favre. Martin Scheider8 Kommentare8Der BVB coach after the defeat to the media. And with a statement he makes for restlessness. Photo: Keystone

It belongs to the modern idiosyncrasies that immediately after a football game is not really about the game of Football is spoken. It’s immediately a question of what this football game now, “means”, sometimes for a player, sometimes for the League and not too rare for a Coach. Lucien Favre knows that, but it has been accepted by the BVB coach never really. One of his favorite set of building blocks we need to analyze is usually followed by a “clear” or “we have to play the penultimate Pass better”.

But reporters rarely do what the coaches want, on the penultimate Pass, you still speak less often and so the question had to come, came on the Tuesday evening immediately after the 0:1 defeat against Bayern. The Sky Reporter Patrick Wasserziehr tried it with a small case, he asked, what is the meaning of the result for the title race, because he knew that Favre had declared terminated in the past year, the for, before it was to be the end of him this early surrender, until today still hangs onto. This time, Favre made the error. “Seven points, six games – it’s brutal hard,” he said in his French-speaking art.

“I’m going to talk about in a few weeks”

So the Reporter asked directly whether he, Favre, had the concern that the discussion go back, that he could not lead the BVB simply to the title: “it says here, for months. I don’t read the newspaper, but I know how to do it. I’m going to talk about in a couple of weeks,” replied the Swiss, and zack, in the heated world of football that led to the first articles with the question mark headline, if Favre had announced his retirement.

But before this debate starts, it is very interesting to study indeed again briefly with this top-of-the game, which says a little bit about why Favre doesn’t win the German championship. Anyway, in honor of gray-haired ARD-expert Bastian Schweinsteiger said, we could send the shell now advance to Munich, to clarify where will be seen as someone who is Schweinsteiger, in this Bayern-Dortmund-can be a neutral question.

But just for the game: Favre said that his team have a “very good start” (which was not true, Erling Haaland tunnelte after only a Minute the geeilten New, Boateng saved on the line), then have it “to deep-confessed” (which is also agreed to, of Bavaria, came to very good opportunities and, finally, to Lupfer-incredible goal by Kimmich (43.)) and in the second half, you’ve done it again “good” (agree, BVB would have been able to get a penalty, because Boateng blocked a Haaland shot with the elbow), and you would have deserved “a draw”.

with the verdict you can make friends, it’s a football game on a very high level, two very good team. Alone the repeated round of balance sheet before the meeting (Dortmund, 27 out of a possible 30 points, Bayern 28 of 30), showed that both Tams in the League have outgrown in this Form.

Bavaria is currently playing a little better. Photo: keystone why Bayern a shade better

But if both teams act at their Maximum, then Bayern is just a shade better. You can see the Alphonso Davies, who is still a bit faster than the very fast Achraf Hakimi, on the other side (and its Sprints Thomas Müller in an Interview with the English television with the words, “Meep, meep, meep, the FC-Bayern-Roadrunner comes” described), at the 6-Duo Leon Goretzka/Joshua Kimmich, the other playful class, as Thomas Delaney/Mo Dahoud, to Jérôme Boateng, to make the suddenly is able to Erling Haaland, life is brutally hard and producing with David Alaba two of the same stability as Dortmund’s three chain.

You don’t see it at Müller, thrives in such Games, while Julian needs to Brandt to break out, or holding of a Manuel Neuer, the man leans as far out of the window – would have kept the chip from Joshua Kimmich is highly likely. Kimmich said afterwards that they had analysed before the game that Roman Bürki’m always a little bit far in front of the goal to shorten the angle, because he had the range of a new.

in addition, the FC Bayern has scaffolding under Hansi flick System of ball possession and fast counter-pressing a secure base, in which the team makes only a few mistakes. Who wants to be fit to win against this Bayern – at the everything. And it fit almost everything at BVB.

Derr BVB coach rarely makes clear statements. Photo: KeystoneDas 0:4 in the first leg was anything other than a game eye-to-eye

You can see this now in two ways: You can argue that these differences in performance are due to the squad. Bayern still has almost twice as much money as BVB, and can’t have a team, it is not obvious at the time so, if an 80-million-seated Euro-man (Lucas Hernández) on the bench and a potential 120-million-missing injured Euro-man (Philippe Coutinho), but not even one is missing. Now, if a Trainer wins almost all of the back round and against Bayern unhappy to lose, you can say: so be it. Everything is brought out. Or you can say that this “it could have been almost life worked out”, unfortunately, a bit by Lucien Favre’s Coach.

to be Now it’s time for Dortmund to virtually just about, not by a break-in on Fifth.

Now it’s time for Dortmund to virtually just about be a break-in, the Fifth (in the case of a four-point lead on Bayer Leverkusen). Out of the Cup and the Champions League is eliminated in the DFB Cup against the this season, not just superior Werder Bremen in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain, however, under peculiar conditions in one of the last games before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Target in the Bundesliga championship-and, if at all, not this Tuesday playful, but in the first half of the season, as it set a 0:4 in Munich, that was all, but no game on eye-level.

Lucien Favre would say that you must analyze “the”. You will do this at the BVB, for sure. The only question is, what is the result.

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